Cambridge ielts 2 reading test 3 answers

This post can easily direct you the best to figure out every Reading answer without much trouble. Questions Matching references with researchers. In this type of question, candidates need to relate references which are given by or links to researchers in the passage. This question is similar to matching names with statements.

The rules for finding answers to this sort of question are simple. Just find the name of the person and read around it carefully.

Cambridge IELTS 11: Test 2 – Reading Passage 3 Solution

Then, give a quick look to check whether there is another statement or idea provided by the same person in the text. If there is, check the reference carefully and decide your answer. Remember, the questions may not follow any sequential order.

Question the importance of adults giving babies individual attention when talking to them. The reference of individual attention is found in paragraph no. Question the connection between what babies hear and their own efforts to create speech. Keywords for this question: what babies hear, their own efforts to create speech.

The answer is in Paragraph F, lines The writer includes the comment of Patricia Kuhl. So, the answer is: C Patricia Kuhl. Question the advantage for the baby of having two parents each speaking in a different way. Keywords for this question: advantage, having two parents, each speaking, different way. The answer can be found in lines of Paragraph C. So, the answer is: A Mark VanDam. Question the connection between the amount of baby talk babies hear and how much vocalising they do themselves.

Keywords for this question: amount of baby talk, babies hear, how much vocalising, themselves. In Paragraph D, lines give us information about the amount of baby talk that babies hear. In this kind of questions candidates are given a summary for one, two or three paragraphs with some fill in the blanks questions.

Candidates need to find out the related paragraphs by correctly studying the keywords form the questions. Then, they should follow the steps of finding answers for fill in the gaps. Keywords for this question: Washington State University, specialised computer programs.

The answer is in lines of paragraph C. Mark VanDam of Washington State University at Spokane and colleagues equipped parents with recording devices and speech-recognition software to study the way they interacted with their youngsters during a normal day. Keywords for this question: tended to modify, ordinary speech, interacting with babies.

Keywords for this question: idea known as, more adult type of speech, prepare infants. Their role may be rooted in what is called the bridge hypothesiswhich dates back to Question Question …. Keywords for this question: University of Connecticut recorded speech and sound, special. The answer is in line 3 of Paragraph D.

Question … …. Keywords for this question: at the age two, who heard, a lot of baby talk in infancy, much larger. We find the reference of hearing a lot of baby talk in Paragraph D.

Cambridge 3 Listening Test 2

And when researchers saw the same babies at age twothey found that frequent baby talk had dramatically boosted vocabularyregardless of socioeconomic status.Brick by brick, six-year-old Alice is building a magical kingdom.

Minutes later, Alice has abandoned the kingdom in favour of playing schools with her younger brother. Recognizing the importance of play is not new: over two millennia ago, the Greek philosopher Plato extolled its virtues as a means of developing skills for adult life, and ideas about play-based learning have been developing since the 19th century.

But we live in changing times, and Whitebread is mindful of a worldwide decline in play, pointing out that over half the people in the world now live in cities.

But what they often lack is the evidence to base policies on. In a study carried out by Baker with toddlers and young pre-schoolers, she found that children with greater self-control solved problems more quickly when exploring an unfamiliar set-up requiring scientific reasoning. If playful experiences do facilitate this aspect of development, say the researchers, it could be extremely significant for educational practices, because the ability to self-regulate has been shown to be a key predictor of academic performance.

In my previous research, I investigated how observing children at play can give us important clues about their well-being and can even be useful in the diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders like autism. With the Lego building, however, not a single child said this through the whole year of the project. Complete the notes below. Write your answers in boxes on your answer sheet. Do the following statements agree with the information given in Reading Passage 1?

In boxes on your answer sheet, write.


How Dutch engineer Luud Schimmelpennink helped to devise urban bike-sharing schemes. Provo, the organization that came up with the idea, was a group of Dutch activists who wanted to change society. They believed the scheme, which was known as the Witte Fietsenplan, was an answer to the perceived threats of air pollution and consumerism.

In the centre of Amsterdam, they painted a small number of used bikes white.

Ielts book 3 test 4 reading answers

They also distributed leaflets describing the dangers of cars and inviting people to use the white bikes. The bikes were then left unlocked at various locations around the city, to be used by anyone in need of transport.

Luud Schimmelpennink, a Dutch industrial engineer who still lives and cycles in Amsterdam, was heavily involved in the original scheme. However, for Schimmelpennink and for bike-sharing schemes in general, this was just the beginning. Things got more serious when I became a member of the Amsterdam city council two years later. Schimmelpennink seized this opportunity to present a more elaborate Witte Fietsenplan to the city council. But he was not in the least discouraged.

cambridge ielts 2 reading test 3 answers

Schimmelpennink never stopped believing in bike-sharing, and in the mids, two Danes asked for his help to set up a system in Copenhagen. However, riding a white bike was no longer free; it cost one guilder per trip and payment was made with a chip card developed by the Dutch bank Postbank. Schimmelpennink designed conspicuous, sturdy white bikes locked in special racks which could be opened with the chip card — the plan started with bikes, distributed over five stations. Theo Molenaar, who was a system designer for the project, worked alongside Schimmelpennink.

But of course, we had to go through with the ones we had.This post can easily guide you the best to figure out every Reading answer without any difficulty. For this type of question, you can divide each statement into three independent pieces and make your way through with the answer.

Question Local gulls and migrating arctic terns behave in the same way when offered food. Keywords for the question: local gulls, migrating arctic terns, behave, same way, offered food.

In paragraph no. The lines suggest that local gulls will be attracted to food offered while arctic terns will not pay attention to food when migrating; they behave differently. So, the answer is: TRUE. Question Very few experts agree that the movement of aphids can be considered migration.

Keywords for the question: very few experts, agree, movement, aphids, can be considered, migration. This means the aim of Dingle is to focus attention on the similarities between wildebeest migration and aphid migration, not to distinguish the migratory behaviours of different species.

Candidates need to look for keywords in the sentence-beginnings and find the relative paragraphs and then sentences in the passage. Skimming and scanning, both reading skills are essential for this question-type. Question According to Dingle, migratory routes are likely to —.

Keywords for the question: Dingle, migratory routes, likely to. Take a look at lines of paragraph no. So, the answer is: G follow a straight line. Question To prepare for migration, animals are likely to —. Keywords for the question: prepare, migration, animals, likely to.

Again, in paragraph no. So, the answer is: C eat more than they need for immediate purposes. Question During migration, animals are unlikely to —. Keywords for this question: during, migration, animals, unlikely to.

So, the answer is: A be discouraged by difficulties. The answer is in lines of paragraph no. So, the answer is: E ignore distractions. Question Summary completion with ONE word only. Candidates need to find out the related paragraphs by correctly studying the keywords form the questions. Then, they should follow the steps of finding answers to fill in the gaps. Keywords for this question: Pronghorns, rely on, eyesight, to avoid, predators.

So, the answer is: speed. The answer can be found in paragraph no. So, the answer is: plains. Keywords for this answer: their route, these two area, contains, three.

So, the answers are: bottlenecks. Take a close look at the last few lines of paragraph no. This post can guide you the best to understand every […]. This post can simply […]. Skip to content April 7, April 7, IELTS reading passage. The role of governments in environmental management is difficult but inescapable. Sometimes, the state tries to manage the resources it owns, and does so badly.

Often, however, governments act in an even more harmful way. They actually subsidise the exploitation and consumption of natural resources. A whole range of policies, from farm- price support to protection for coal-mining, do environmental damage and often make no economic sense.

Scrapping them offers a two-fold bonus: a cleaner environment and a more efficient economy. Growth and environmentalism can actually go hand in hand, if politicians have the courage to confront the vested interest that subsidies create. World food output per head has risen by 4 per cent between the s and s mainly as a result of increases in yields from land already in cultivation, but also because more land has been brought under the plough.

Higher yields have been achieved by increased irrigation, better crop breeding, and a doubling in the use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers in the s and s. All these activities may have damaging environmental impacts. For example, land clearing for agriculture is the largest single cause of deforestation; chemical fertilisers and pesticides may contaminate water supplies; more intensive farming and the abandonment of fallow periods tend to exacerbate soil erosion; and the spread of mono-Culture and use of high-yielding varieties of crops have been accompanied by the disappearance of old varieties of food plants which might have provided some insurance against pests or diseases in future.

Soil erosion threatens the productivity of land In both rich and poor countries. The country subsequently embarked upon a program to convert 11 per cent of its cropped land to meadow or forest. Topsoil in India and China is vanishing much faster than in America. Government policies have frequently compounded the environmental damage that farming can cause.

In the rich countries, subsidies for growing crops and price supports for farm output drive up the price of land. Fertiliser use doubled in Denmark in the period and increased in The Netherlands by per cent.

The quantity of pesticides applied has risen too; by 69 per cent In in Denmark, for example, with a rise of per cent in the frequency of application in the three years from In the late s and early s some efforts were made to reduce farm subsidies. The most dramatic example was that of New Zealand, which scrapped most farm support in A study of the environmental effects, conducted infound that the end of fertiliser subsidies had been followed by a fall in fertiliser use a fall compounded by the decline in world commodity prices, which cut farm incomes.

The removal of subsidies also stopped land-clearing and over-stocking, which in the past had been the principal causes of erosion. Farms began to diversify. The one kind of subsidy whose removal appeared to have been bad for the environment was the subsidy to manage soil eroslon. In less enlightened countries, and in the European Union, the trend has been to reduce rather than eliminate subsidies, and to introduce new payments to encourage farmers to treat their land In environmentally friendlier ways, or to leave it follow.

It may sound strange but such payments need to be higher than the existing incentives for farmers to grow food crops. Farmers, however, dislike being paid to do nothing. In several countries they have become interested in the possibility of using fuel produced from crop residues either as a replacement for petrol as ethanol or as fuel for power stations as biomass.

Such fuels produce far less carbon dioxide than coal or oil, and absorb carbon dioxide as they grow. They are therefore less likely to contribute to the greenhouse effect. But they die rarely competitive with fossil fuels unless subsidised — and growing them does no less environmental harm than other crops. In poor countries, governments aggravate other sorts of damage. Subsidies for pesticides and artificial fertilisers encourage farmers to use greater quantities than are needed to get the highest economic crop yield.

A study by the International Rice Research Institute Of pesticide use by farmers in South East Asia found that, with pest-resistant varieties of rice, even moderate applications of pesticide frequently cost farmers more than they saved. One cost is to human health, Every year some 10, people die from pesticide poisoning, almost all of them in the developing countries, and anotherbecome seriously ill. As for artificial fertilisers, their use world-wide increased by 40 per cent per unit of farmed land between the mid s and late s, mostly in the developing countries.For millennia, the coconut has been central to the lives of Polynesian and Asian peoples.

In the western world, on the other hand, coconuts have always been exotic and unusual, sometimes rare. Typically, we envisage coconuts as brown cannonballs that, when opened, provide sweet white flesh.

But we see only part of the fruit and none of the plant from which they come. The coconut palm has a smooth, slender, grey trunk, up to 30 metres tall. This is an important source of timber for building houses, and is increasingly being used as a replacement for endangered hardwoods in the furniture construction industry.

The trunk is surmounted by a rosette of leaves, each of which may be up to six metres long. The leaves have hard veins in their centres which, in many parts of the world, are used as brushes after the green part of the leaf has been stripped away. Immature coconut flowers are tightly clustered together among the leaves at the top of the trunk. The flower stems may be tapped for their sap to produce a drink, and the sap can also be reduced by boiling to produce a type of sugar used for cooking.

Coconut palms produce as many as seventy fruits per year, weighing more than a kilogram each. The wall of the fruit has three layers: a waterproof outer layer, a fibrous middle layer and a hard, inner layer.

Practice Cambridge IELTS 13 Reading Test 03 with Answer

An important product obtained from the shell is charcoal, which is widely used in various industries as well as in the home as a cooking fuel. When broken in half, the shells are also used as bowls in many parts of Asia. Inside the shell are the nutrients endosperm needed by the developing seed.

Initially, the endosperm is a sweetish liquid, coconut water, which is enjoyed as a drink, but also provides the hormones which encourage other plants to grow more rapidly and produce higher yields.

As the fruit matures, the coconut water gradually solidifies to form the brilliant white, fat-rich, edible flesh or meat.

cambridge ielts 2 reading test 3 answers

A derivative of coconut fat, glycerine, acquired strategic importance in a quite different sphere, as Alfred Nobel introduced the world to his nitroglycerine-based invention: dynamite.

Their biology would appear to make coconuts the great maritime voyagers and coastal colonizers of the plant world. The large, energy-rich fruits are able to float in water and tolerate salt, but cannot remain viable indefinitely; studies suggest after about days at sea they are no longer able to germinate. Literally cast onto desert island shores, with little more than sand to grow in and exposed to the full glare of the tropical sun, coconut seeds are able to germinate and root.

The air pocket in the seed, created as the endosperm solidifies, protects the embryo. In addition, the fibrous fruit wall that helped it to float during the voyage stores moisture that can be taken up by the roots of the coconut seedling as it starts to grow.

There have been centuries of academic debate over the origins of the coconut.The auditory function deficits in question include hearing impairment, autistic spectrum disorders ASDand attention deficit. Those experiencing these disorders often find sounds such as crowd noise and the noise generated bymachinerypainful and distressing. If we look at a star in January — when Earth is at one point in its orbit — it will seem to be in a different position from where it appears six month later.

In this passage, the writer does not mention whether most people are too shy to try different things. This makes it too common to be considered a mental disorder. It is simply a common variant of human nature, one which iconoclasts do not let inhibit their reactions. They supply creativity and innovation not easily accomplished by committees.

Iconoclasts face alienation and failure, but can also be an asset to any organisation. Which section contains the following information? An account of a national policy initiative.

A hypothesis as to one reason behind the growth in classroom noise. For what period of time has hearing loss in school children been studied in New Zealand? In addition to machinery noise, what other type of noise can upset children with autism? What part of the New Zealand Disability Strategy aims to give schoolchildren equal opportunities? Which TWO are mentioned by the writer of the passage? Keywords: future discoveries, transit observations.

He calculated the distance of the Sun from the Earth based on observations of Venus with a fair degree of accuracy. He understood that the distance of the Sun from the Earth could be worked out by comparing observations of a transit.

He realised that the time taken by a planet to go around the Sun depends on its distance from the Sun. He witnessed a Venus transit but was unable to make any calculations. Halley observed one transit of the planet Venus. Le Gentil managed to observe a second Venus transit. Keywords: managed, second Venus transit. The shape of Venus appears distorted when it starts to pass in front of the Sun. Early astronomers suspected that the atmosphere on Venus was toxic.

The parallax principle allows astronomers to work out how far away distant stars are from the Earth. Exposure to different events forces the brain to think differently.

Iconoclasts are unusually receptive to new experiences. Most people are too shy to try different things. Keywords: too shy, different things In this passage, the writer does not mention whether most people are too shy to try different things.

If you think in an iconoclastic way, you can easily overcome fear. Keywords: think, iconoclastic, overcome fear. When concern about embarrassment matters less, other fears become irrelevant. Fear of public speaking is a psychological illness. Related Posts. About The Author admin. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.It was named the Silk Road after its most precious commodity, which was considered to be worth more than gold.

While local gulls will dive voraciously for such handouts, the tern flies on. This means that local gulls and migrating arctic terns behave in different ways when offered food.

Aphids are referred to in paragraph 5. So, the statement is not given. So, the statement is false. In paragraph B, the writer states that "Some [books] present the lives of colourful mathematicians.

Each of the eight chapters in this book illustrates this phenomenon. Anyone can understand every step in the reasoning. Silk used as a form of…. Silk used for many purposes -e. Merchants use Silk Road to take silk westward and bring back…. Most tradesmen only went along certain sections of the Silk Road.

cambridge ielts 2 reading test 3 answers

The Byzantines spread the practice of silk production across the West. Silk yarn makes up the majority of silk currently exported from China. Questions Do the following statements agree with the information given in Reading Passage 2? Local gulls and migrating arctic terns behave in the same way when offered food.

Very few experts agree that the movement of aphids can be considered migration. Keywords: few experts, agree, movement of aphids, migration Aphids are referred to in paragraph 5. Pronghorns rely on their eyesight and…. However, their route between these two areas contains three 25…. One problem is the construction of new homes in a narrow 26…. Some areas of both music and mathematics are suitable for someone who is a The writer intends to show that mathematics requires Some books written by The writer advises non-mathematical readers to perform A lawyer found that studying Related Posts.

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